Office Air Quality Testing

What is Office Air Quality Testing?

Workplace air quality testing is process in which auditing of work area which maintains temperature, humidity, illumination and required numbers of air changes. People spend their one third time in workplace it is necessary to keep it pleasant so that it will increase their efficiency.  There are three types of Monitoring required in Office air quality testing in places such as Factories, mines etc. which are Indoor Air Quality, Noise measurement and Hazardous gases, VOC & chemicals.

Air Quality testing in the workplace (for Dust)
In this sampling, Respirable Dust Sampler is used to identify quantity of dust present in working place of industry. This particulate pollutant/Dust is trapped on filter media & analysis is done in laboratory.
Trapped Dust is measured with the help of following formula:
SPM = (Final wt. of filter paper – Initial wt. of Filter paper) * 10-6 / Total Air Passed
Air passed = ((Initial Air + Final Air) + T) / 2
T= Time of sampling, min
Two types of samples are taken into consideration viz. PM10 i.e. Particulate Matter less than 10 micron meter & PM2.5 i.e. Particulate Matter less than 2.5 micron meter. SO2, NOx also measured in this Process. For more info visit Indoor air Quality
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Office Air Quality Testing
Workplace air Quality testing is process to measure pollutants present in air at workplace. It helps us to identify sources of pollutants and to evaluate efficiency of existing or newly installed or implemented control measures.
Workplace air testing can be conducted by using High Volume Respirable Dust Samplers, Indoor air quality monitor, Handy sampler etc.

Noise Level Measurement
Ambient & Location/Workplace wise Noise level reading can be taken during day time & night Time as per requirement. if Readings are high then below mentioned points may help to reduce noise levels.

  • Replace machineries parts which are causing noise
  • Relocate Machines to areas where no employee or workers or fewer.
  • using lining guards or noise damping material
  • Fitting anti vibration mountings
  • Putting silencers to exhaust systems
  • if Noise level exceeds 90dB then employees should wear headphones
  • Noise hazards can be reduced by reducing overlapping of shifts.

Hazardous Gases & Chemicals Testing at office


Worpkplace Air quality testing
Sampling of Hazardous & Chemicals is taken into consideration in Workplace Air quality testing which is potentially hazardous to Human Health. It means that, if any Hazardous gases & chemicals or vapors, mists being reacted or stored, then its concentration outside the reactor or storage area should be within permissible limits that it could not affect the human health. We offer services in Indoor air quality testing services for offices and homes.
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Illumination Monitoring
We do Illumination audit to check whether workplace is over or under illuminated and provide suggestions to get optimum illumination.
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Ideal Workplace to work..
It is Important to know about workplace as if it is well maintained air flow, light, calm etc. It can increase efficiency and concentration of employees.
Just have a look at below mentioned workplace “who wouldn’t want to work there?

Ideal Workplace
We love to do this by monitoring quality of air, illumination, sound and help to remove any unwanted accumulation to keep office fresh. :). We also offer VOC testing services for companies to monitor harmful gases in air.
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