Fire Safety and the Use of Fire Extinguishers

Every year we across news where there is huge damage to property and life because of a fire outbreak. Fire is powerful and if not controlled, spreads rapidly gutting whatever comes its’ way. Hectares of forests are gutted in forest fire every year in different parts of the year and although being technologically developed, we cannot get control over this. Some of the worst fire disasters are known to have claimed the entire town or bring down historical buildings to ashes apart from killings thousands.

The modern lifestyle and high-rises have made ways for the fire outbreaks. Hundreds of air conditioning units and other technological devices are the names of some of the common sources of fire outbreaks. Around the world, the most common reason behind this fire has been short-circuiting. It is therefore recommended to have the electrical and electronic devices services regularly to ensure proper functioning.

Fire Safety Measures

The alarming rise of fire across the world made the authorities to call for stricter actions. To ensure fire safety, each of the buildings has to meet the minimum guidelines to control fire and ensure the safety of the people. This is one of the reasons why not only commercial buildings but also residential apartments opt for fire extinguisher service. According to the experts, it is necessary for an individual to know the exact locations and the type of fire extinguisher that actually needs to be used. This helps in controlling the fire more efficiently.

Fire Extinguisher Variants and Related Services

Each of the different variants of fire extinguisher is meant for different purposes. Let us have a look at the different fire extinguisher service and variants.

  • The Powder Variant of Fire Extinguisher
  • Mostly available in the weight of 9kg, 6kg, 4kg, 2kg, and 1 kg, these fire extinguishers are mostly used for class A, B, and C types of fire risks. Available in stored pressure and cartridge type, this fire extinguisher service is meant to be used in the electrical fire outbreak. This is supplied with a wall bracket, it operates on squeeze and grip operation.

  • Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher
  • Used to tackle Class B fire, carbon-di-oxide fire extinguisher too is used to deal with fire outbreaks caused because of short circuit. With a 1-year warranty, the fire extinguisher service is available in different weight variants- 2kg, 3kg, and 4.5kg.

  • Foam Type Fire Extinguisher
  • Mostly available in the variant of 6 liters and 9 liters, this foam fire extinguishers form the perfect equipment to control the fire outbreak commercial and residential buildings. It has a squeeze grip operation and is supplied with a wall bracket.

  • Higher Capacity Fire Extinguisher
  • When it comes to dealing with fires in commercial and industrial places, this fire extinguisher service the best. It has an easy to read pressure gauge and a high resistant corrosion-resistant finish, this extinguisher is mostly available in BC/ABC Powder and AFFF Foam versions. It also provides the best value for the money.


Human negligence can lead to a fire outbreak. Therefore, one needs to be cautious regarding the use of combustible substances. Effective measures should be taken to prevent the spread. Availing fire extinguisher service with the right variant would be more productive and effective.